Mobdro Not Working: How to Fix Mobdro Not Working error on Firestick, Android Box

Mobdro Not Working: How to Fix Mobdro Not Working error on Firestick, Android Box: As much efficient and easy to use Mobdro might be, there can be incidents of Mobdro not working and it completely makes sense. Not all the time, all the servers would be absolutely perfect and that is something which should be accepted by masses around the world. Apart from the server spectrum however, there can also be one or two more reasons why mobdro might not be working on your phone and that is what this article is all about. If you want to figure out the reason behind mobdro not working for yourself, stay tuned with this article.

What Is Mobdro?

Mobdro is one of the most famous video streaming platforms which is undoubtedly something that will just grow and grow without much recession ever. The main reason behind this fact is the very large database of videos that Mobdro has. There are a lot of streaming services which asks you to pay then and subscribe to them before day give you the access to the database of videos that they have. These applications include Netflix, Amazon Prime, some videos on YouTube and so on. Mobdro is amazing on the other hand just because it does not even ask you to pay even a single penny for all the videos that are available inside the application.

It does not only have a bunch of videos (which include web series, movies, TV shows and so on), but also gives the users access to Live TV. Live TV applications are growing really fast these days and that is just because the whole craze of the internet is taking over the entire world. India specifically got internet at very cheap rates lately which is the reason why a lot of more people are on the internet than ever before. For them, watching Live TV using the internet is a great thing, which is basically the reason for popularity.

Types of Mobdro Errors & Problems

Mobdro app has some issue and they are…

  • Parse Error
  • Empty Categories list
  • Can’t load data. check your connection
  • Mobdro has stopped working
  • Mobdro currently offline.
  • No downloads
  • Video Playback error

Resolve Mobdro Not Working problems one by one

  • Parse Error


  1. First of All, Upgrade to your Android OS 4.2 or later
  2. If your phone does not support then took for alternative apps.
  3. Sometimes corrupted files can cause this error then check the downloaded apk file
  • Empty Categories list

It is a rare problem.


  1. Install DNS changer APK
  • Can’t load data. check your connection


  1. Wait for a few minutes
  2. Enable automatic time& date.
  3. Use premium VPN services
  • Mobdro has stopped working


  1. Clear the cache: To do this go to settings -> Applications -> Application manager. Tap on All. Look for Mobdro and tap on it. Now, tap on “Clear cache”.
  2. Clear data also.

What To Do When Your Mobdro Is Not Working?

There might be one too many reasons why ‘mobdro not working’ might be a genuine thing. It does not happen very frequently but even if it does there is a cure for it. First of all, precaution is better than cure which is the reason why the safety and security of data should be checked before starting to watch Live TV and all the videos that are available on Mobdro.

The streaming applications which are absolutely free are not the legal providers of the continent which basically shows that these are pirated contents. This is why you should use a VPN for Mobdro all the time to ensure safety.

Due to some issues, there is a chance that you might get a message which says ‘Mobdro not working’. All you need to do in these cases is to clear the cache and clear the data of that particular application and the problem will be solved. Many live stream shows might also cause problems while loading and the ‘mobdro not working’ message may be shown again. In these cases again, you should use proxy servers such as a VPN in order to tackle these problems. This proves that VPN does not only ensure your safety but allows you to watch more and more content without you having to worry about anything

Updated: November 10, 2019 — 11:47 am

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